Thursday, April 7, 2011

Marcia’s Marvelous Spring Break Adventure: Part 5 - What I'll remember

Kutzville Nancy and her home
Greetings from Wytheville, VA. I just had dinner at the Sagebrush Steakhouse and Saloon. I had the Sagebrush Salad.  

If you think you somehow happened upon my post from Monday again, you didn't.  I'm staying at the same motel and I ate at the same restaurant and I ordered exact same meal.

Someone pointed out earlier this week that I might not be the most spontaneous of people.  I can't imagine where she got that idea.  After all, on Monday, I stayed in Room 112.  Tonight I'm across the hall in Room 111 and everything is backwards!  Not that I noticed.

Anyway, since part of the purpose of my trip was to get out of my rut (and I think I've proved that), and to create memories, below are some of the things I'll remember:
  • my brother looking healthy and happy and anticipating his future with his family and his retirement (which I'll believe when I see it) and spending time with my sister-in-law, Katherine, and my all-grown-up niece, Taylor,
  • visiting with my friend, Nancy, and talking about writing and teaching and learning and being who we are no matter how crazy we may look to others and staying at the beautiful and oh-so-Nancy home she has created for herself,
  • talking to Molly each day at noon as she was on her way to teach her English classes for her internship and hearing the excitement in her voice as she takes the plunge into what will most likely be her life,
  • wishing my grandson, Miles, a happy 4th birthday and talking to his mother, my daughter, on the phone, and hearing that Mile's sister, Georgia (my granddaughter), had yogurt up her nose and that Miles' birthday is being held at a bowling alley, and being happy I'm too old to raise kids;
  • participating in a virtual high five with my son, Billy, as he broke the news of his raise at work and shared a picture of his daughter (my granddaughter), Cami, eating sushi with real chopsticks,
  • the freedom of a long drive and having the time to think and plan and look at this beautiful country of ours,
  • and the realization that I can still find my way - even if I do need the help of a friend like Tom.
Tomorrow is the last day of my trip and it's a good thing because I'm almost out of my new spring extra large underwear.  

So bare with me.  Just one more report from the road.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed you on Tuesday. It sounds like everyone had a good time. Dad is definitely retiring. They actually asked him to stay longer and he turned them down. Can you believe it?! I was thrilled.

marciamayo said...

Regan, I missed you, but I told your mother the one thing that was good about your dad's last illness was the chance to talk to you and get to know you again (as a grown up). Have a great trip!

Cile said...

Oh what fun you are to travel with! Smiling all the way. Tom is one lucky fella! Thanks for this trip. I really needed it.

Anonymous said...

Growl, growl the blog just ate my long comment. Loved traveling with you and your thoughts. Made it feel like I was in the passenger seat. I smiled and/or laughed or both at each report. Your sense of humor is a winner. Be safe finishing this trip.
Mary B

Olga said...

Actually, yes I did think I was reading an old post. My husband already has planned out stops for the next trip to Florida--nine months away--speaking of the spontaneity challenged.

Arkansas Patti said...

Really impressed you ordered a salad in a steak house, not once but twice.
You really seem to be having a wonderful time and hey, you can always buy another pack of underware and keep going.

nazelet said...

Well, what does spontaneity have to do with knowing a good place to eat and what to eat there. I do the same thing. I am so sorry your trip is on it's way home. I was having such vicarious fun. It's so visible from your writing that you enjoyed every minute and every wrong turn. Weren't you smiling 99.9% of the time?
After all, your bullet points are really what is most important. Your life is so rich with love Marcia. It touches my heart to keep reading your soon-to-be memories that I believe will stay fresh in your heart. Your smile shines right through every word. I am so happy you shared.
For your next book . . .
Travel, travel, write, write. It would be a splendid book. You are so able to bring us into what ever your are experiencing. Remember "Charles Karalt's America"? What about "Travels With Marcia & TomTom"?

Jean said...

Sounds like it's been a wonderful trip and one you're glad you took, despite those before-trip jitters.

Friko said...

bare with you? I hope not.
keep your knickers on for now. you can always drape them over the radiators at night.

A trip like this works wonders, you have all the pleasure and none of the hard work. I am glad you had a good time.

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