Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthday Girl

 Dear Molly,

If I were with you this morning, I’d make blueberry muffins from a mix and I’d put a birthday candle in yours, worrying as always that the melting candle just might be carcinogenic, one of many reasons why there wouldn’t be twenty-eight of them. 

People told me a late-in-life child would keep me young.  I’m not sure if that was true for me with you, but you have certainly kept me going, sometimes from worry, sometimes from necessity, often from your sheer Mollyness, your quirkiness, your dark and dorky humor, your carnsarned cussedness.

Through your more than a modicum of spills and struggles, you’ve managed to come to an understanding of yourself and others that I think is unusual for someone as young as you.  Although you don’t always trust enough to share this quiet discernment, at just the right moment, under the right circumstances, you offer up something so deep and insightful it leaves me slack jawed in wonderment.

People love you because you’ve been there, because you ask so little and offer so much: a sturdy shoulder, a big heart, a from-the-gut laugh, and a thoughtful answer to afraid-to-ask questions.   Your sense of irony comes from your sincere belief that, if it fell apart, it was because you didn't screw it on tight enough.  And, while that may not be all that healthy for you, it sure makes the rest of us relax a bit.  There’s such a comfort in world-worn you.

You worry that, at twenty-eight, you should be further ensconced in your adult life, more firmly rooted in knowing where you’re going and when.  I’m afraid I feel the same way at sixty-two, so I won’t be much help in figuring that out.  I do believe there’s a road map for your journey and an itinerary, both of which will come into your sight-line as you travel your life.  What a surprise that your heart’s own true love turned out to be with kids in high school, the very place that almost did you in.  Talk about courage, and perhaps a perverse form of payback.

You, my youngest child, share with me a love of reading.  In fact, you’re so pitiful and geeky that you profess the home-made Harry Potter coasters to be the best present you’ve ever received, and I’m pitiful and geeky enough to believe you.  We also now share a profession and a desire to pass on what little knowledge we have to anyone who will sit long enough to listen (and especially to those who won’t).  I’ll never forget that your first full-time teaching job came to you at the same moment I was leaving my final one.

The baton has been passed and the circle is unbroken.

Love always,


PS:  Some photos of times you may or may not remember

 And we didn't realize you needed glasses?

 Easter at Houston Lake

 Remember the naked years?

 The first of the "Maw" cruises

With your big brother

 With your big sister.
Reading most likely

 This must have been the Melissa and Billy booze cruise 
before they found the free liquor behind the closed bar.


LC said...

Through my tears, this mom wishes Molly and her mom a Happy Birthday! I send you both a happy birthday greeting on this day since you both were involved so totally in that awesome occurrence.

I knew and loved only one other Molly before my granddaughter Molly Kate came along. My first Molly acquaintance was a gifted firecracker of a friend in my teen years. She survived some rocky challenges in her teens and early adulthood, but she, too, like the Debbie Reynolds Molly Brown, was unsinkable. She has grown into the strength, compassion and passion for life that was evident in her youth.

These Molly girls are special indeed.

marciamayo said...

LC, that's my Molly to a T. Thank you for seeing that through my writing.

Folkways Note Book said...

What a beautiful letter to your daughter on her birthday. You are a talented writer! -- barbara

marciamayo said...

Thank you, Barbara. I wish I had just a couple of your talents.

Celia said...

Your letter touched my heart, happy birthday to you both.

molly_talbert919 said...

My mom is the absolute best.

oklhdan said...

A lovely tribute told as only you can tell. Thank you for sharing it!

naomi dagen bloom said...

Marcia, Having a child late in life has resembled a roller coaster ride for me--up/down/always able to step off till the next adventure. Always glad for the opportunity though often exhausted!

marciamayo said...

Naomi, you just described it perfectly.
Okldan, thanks. I'm glad you and your bevy or men are doing well.

Brig said...

well Done...both of you! Life is Good.

schmidleysscribblins, said...

My youngest granddaughter Joy just headed off to college. She reminds me of Molly.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. I lost touch with you for a while. Dianne

cile said...

So heartfelt and beautiful! Indeed Happy Birthday to you both! So happy you found each other!

Megan Pope said...

Simply beautiful. Your children are lucky to have your for their mother.

marciamayo said...

Aww Megan, you made me cry.

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