Friday, February 18, 2011

Why I Can’t Get Any Blogging Done

Today is a school holiday, a free Friday, and while my young teacher friends have taken off to exciting places like New Orleans or the beach, I thought that I could at least get my blog posting done. One I’ve been working on for over a week. This isn’t it.

My current (other) post is about my adult life based on my nine teaching certificates. It’s relatively boring but that won’t stop me from putting it out there as soon as I finish. I did decide that including some photos of me during those times might at least offer some levity. That’s what got in my way today and began my long list of things I’ve done so far that have kept me from finishing that posting. They include:
  •  Thinking about the pictures led me to go through my old photo albums on the floor in my hall.
  • The floor in my hall reminded me what a mess my house is, which led me, not to cleaning it, but to remembering the stinky wet towels I have in my broken washing machine,
  •  Which led to my taking the stinky towels out of my broken washing machine and schlepping them drippingly into my bathroom and washing them in my tub,
  • Which led me to taking off my slippers and rolling up my pajama legs and washing my towels the same way people in Italy (and Lucy) make wine
  •  Which led me to thinking about my feet and how, if I put on shoes, I could at least take out the trash and then go down into the basement to look for additional family photos I haven’t seen in years,
  •  Which led me to deciding to clean out my freezer and refrigerator so that I could gather the old (and I mean really old) food that has been languishing in both and take it down to the garbage cans when I deliver my trash to the recycling bins,
  •  Which led me to deciding to gather up all the old pictures from the basement and bring them up and go through them while watching Regis and Kelly on TV,
  •  Which led me to noticing a Macy’s coupon left for me on the steps by my friend Susan who lives downstairs,
  • Which led me to think about the Old Lady's Macy's, my favorite Macy's, and the fact that I have some birthday money left in my pocket book,
  • Which led me out the door and into my car and on my way to North Dekalb Mall.
Note:  I did change out of my pajamas and put on my bra before I left.


nazelet said...

You have written about me, my husband and my youngest daughter and (to make us feel less monkey- minded) hopefully many others. You have the gift of giving laughter and a happy heart, no matter what you write about. I can't wait to come to Atlanta; please have a word with my daughter! While it is distracting, we sometimes deny the fun and importance part of this journey. There is a purpose. Aren't we always completing one project or task? How many hours do you spend on lesson plans or ideas for 2nd graders? You took a trip and trips take us out of our regular routine. I often find myself doing the same treasure hunt from closet, to albums, to who knows what awaits me next. Actually that would be our storage unit down the road. And how can you move on until you've organized what you are looking through? Nostalgia, laughter, memories and "what was I thinking" is the journey. It's bittersweet and clears the everyday cobwebs. I loved your post. I love your posts. You just blogged my friend. The other one your stuck on pours out when it's ready. As for the towels, did you call in an Ethel?

Kate said...

Have you been looking over my shoulder? My story is similar, except that I circle back thru all those (sorts of) things 2-3-4 times before either abandoning them completely or (now & then) actually finishing something.

Friko said...

I am so glad you told me about getting dressed because I was really worried about your state of undress and it would have been my first question to you after reading this.

You see, going out without proper clothes on is a sign of old-age absent-mindedness and it would have made you the laughing stock of Macy's, which i really wouldn't have been very happy about.

Deep breath.

I am also glad that you came to a decision at the end of your deliberations as to what would be the most important thing to do next, i.e. going shopping, not finishing the blogpost you were working on. That is the only thing I find disappointing.

Deep breath out.

Jean said...

It's comforting to learn that your thought processes get from point A to point Z in much the same circuitous route that mine do. And your decision to high tail it to tha mall? Downright brilliant, if you ask me.

Bobby Dobbins Title said...

Did I miss whether or not you put your shoes on before you went out the door?

Olga said...

Now, see, I notice young women out shopping in pajamas all the time so I would have thought you were just being modern.
Nine certificates? That says over-achiever to me. Sorry, not buying this scatter brain routine. Some people just cannot handle discretionary time, but try to enjoy the break.

marciamayo said...

Yes, Bobby, I did wear shoes and no,Paula, I didn't call in an Ethyl, and no, Olga, I don't handle discretionary time well at all. As for you, Kate, you are too busy being a rock star. And, Friko, I'm still breathing and Jean, thanks for making me feel better.

MaryB said...

Marcia, I recognize that kind of day so well and it leaves me feeling frustrated. It seems everything is half done, scattered all over, and I forgot what I started out to do. My medicine is to call a friend and go out to eat. Then when I get home I'm too tired to clean up so I'll have to do it tomorrow. Glad to know that I have company in this kind of routine.

Arkansas Patti said...

You mean everyone doesn't have fractured thinking like that? Hay, that is normal. People who complete tasks are not normal. And that's the truth.

Nance said...

When trying on clothes, bras are sorta de rigueur for women our age...women like you and me who have Age-Related Late-Onset Attention Decrepit Disorder. If we seriously mean to buy some clothes, that is. 'Cause they don't put those little bosom darts just above the waistline anymore...not since 1924. And the fact that I know that should tell us both something.

My world? Same one, no basement.

marciamayo said...

Mary, Patti, and Nance, thanks to you all for making me feel more sane. Nance, Aunt Bee didn't ever seem to worry about where her bosoms stopped. Maybe if I were a better cook.

cile said...

Thank you for reminding me the value of the journey. I used to get a lot more upset about my own engagement in this flighty process. I think I'm a nicer person now for not feeling the need to press myself into "normal" strategies. I hope to avoid incarceration for mumbley-mind but even that has its adventurous side! Thanks again for the smile, Marcia!

Wisewebwoman said...

Mudmarks from dog all over the living room, lead to kitchen covered in dirty dishes with a full dishwasher smirking behind them, start dish transfer thinking:should get more organized, phone rings-daughter, couple of hours, toss salt outside on the ice, birdfeeder empty to full, forgot to get paper out of box, bring in, gripping headline, light fire, settle in, make coffee, check computer, oops time for bed.
There's always tomorrow.
If you had come I would have gone shopping with you.

Brig said...

Jeez Louise, we must be related in some fashion. I went to feed the girls(hens)today,and struckup a conversation with the heifers down at the barn,I was nearly back to the bunkhouse before I remembered what I had gone for. Oh, and ah I didn't change out of my pjs, just slipped on the ol barn boots....

LC said...

A hoot! And the blog post you were working on was NOT boring.

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